The day that my Nana died on May 1, 2015 was like nothing I ever experienced before and hopefully never will again. It was like my world had ended, even if I know that she's in a better place now with her husband, my Grandpa. Ever since that day I honor my Nana every chance I get. That is why I designed this special Alzheimer's cover just for her. I know she'd totally approve, and this would put a smile on her face. I love you Nana. So, here's how I designed Nana’s Alzheimer's cover.

          I started by asking my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill if they had any pictures that I could use for this cover. They both said YES, then they sent them to me. Out of the 4 that I got I only ended up using 1 of them. After receiving the pictures from my Aunt and Uncle I went through my back-up drive on my computer and found some more pictures of my Nana that I could use.

          Next I searched the internet for 3 more things I needed which were a colorful background, a picture of a brain, and a banner that says ALZHEIMER’S on it.

          Now having all the pieces from all my different sources I started putting my cachet/cover together for my Nana.

          I started by placing down the colorful background which reminds me of a brain. Then I placed the brain and ALZHEIMER’S banner in the middle of the cachet. Next I put the picture of Nana in her sweater just at the end of the banner on the right. After which I put the other picture of Nana on the left.

          After I finished designing my Nana Alzheimer’s cachet I emailed it to my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Bill to see if they approved it and they did. I was glad that they did, so now I could move on to the next step which was printing my Nana Alzheimer’s cachet on my fancy white envelopes.

Of course then I used the ALZHEIMER’S stamps and sent them off in the mail to get cancelled.

After I got them back I scanned one and that’s what you see here.
This article is dedicated to my Grandma

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By Christopher William Anton Janson