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My Captain Kirk and Captain Picard Star Trek 50th Anniversary Covers

by Christopher William Anton Janson

​So far, there might be 6 Captains in the Star Trek universe, but Captain Kirk and Captain Picard are my favorites.

       So when I found out that the USPS had Star Trek stamps coming out for the 50th anniversary, I just had to make cachets for my 2 favorite STARFLEET Captains.

       I felt comfortable producing these covers, because, as Captain Picard would say, "MAKE IT SO! ". I can quote him here, because Kirk and Picard would eventually end up working together on the movie, “STAR TREK GENERATIONS”.

       I began by searching the Internet for pictures of Kirk and Picard, both of the Enterprises, and different backgrounds.

       Work on the Captain Kirk FDC came first because he appeared decades before Captain Picard even existed. I first used the background for the Captain James T. Kirk cachet, which is the same background used on my Intergalactic Star Trek 50th Anniversary Mr. Spock. Next, I inserted the picture of Captain Kirk with his Phaser Riffle on the blue side of the background. Following that, I placed Captain Kirk with his communicator on the yellow side of the cachet.

       Next, I positioned the picture of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 so that it looked like it was flying out of the STARFLEET logo.

       To complete the cachet, I put the futuristic-looking Star Trek 50th Anniversary logo towards the bottom of the cachet between the two Captains.

       Two weeks went by before I worked on the Captain Jean-Luc Picard cachet.

      Like the completed Captain Kirk cover, I worked on the background first. This one I used because it looks like something that you'd see on a display screen on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D (Remember: I was making it so!). Next, I positioned the picture of Captain Picard with his arms crossed and his now famous saying “MAKE IT SO!” in the lower left side of this cachet. This was followed by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D placed near the top of the cachet. Next came the other picture of Captain Picard in his dress uniform, which I placed on the right side. Last, the futuristic-looking Star Trek 50th Anniversary logo was beamed down into place on this cachet from OUTER SPACE.

      After completing my Captain Kirk and Picard cachets, I printed them on envelopes, put the stamps on them and mailed them to Kansas City.

    When my Captain Kirk and Picard covers were returned to me, I was very pleased with the placement of the digital color postmarks.


This article is dedicated to William Shatner (Captain Kirk) and Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard).

“Qapla'”, which means “success” in Klingon.​

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