My It’s A Wonderful Life Cover

By Christopher William Anton Janson

 IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE is a holiday classic and one of my personal favorite Jimmy Stewart movies. That’s why, when I found out about this special Bedford Station cancel, I took time to design this IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE MUSEUM cachet/cover.

I started by searching the internet for printed ads for the IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE MUSEUM, which also happens to be one of the posters for the movie. Next, it was time to find pictures of Jimmy Stewart from the classic 1946 movie. I did find a good one of Jimmy Stewart as George Bailey wearing his fedora. Then it was on to the background where I wanted to pay tribute to the ending of “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE”. I found the perfect background, one that was black and white and looking like snow. Finally, I located the logo for the museum itself. Now that I had all the pieces for my cachet, I could put this IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE MUSEUM cover together.

I started this cachet/cover by placing the picture of Jimmy Stewart wearing his fedora on the left side. Next, I inserted the snowy black and white background, so that it goes from blizzard conditions to being able to see through the snow. Following that, I put the movie poster close to the top of the cachet, and as far to the right as possible. Last, I put the SENECA FALLS IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE MUSEUM logo in the last remaining position in the cachet.

After completing the cachet, I set out to print my IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE cachet on the envelopes. Since there were no recent Jimmy Stewart stamps to use on my covers, I chose the Sparkling Holidays stamps, instead. Because it was the holiday season, I sent my covers to be cancelled with the red Bedford Station postmark, which is black during the rest of the year.  After the serviced covers were returned to me, I was very pleased with the clear postmarks. Here is one of them in all of its Jimmy Stewart Christmas time glory.



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